Visual Content Toolkit 

The complete guide to creating wildly effective brand photos that attract and convert your ideal customers, supercharge your sales, and make marketing easy

"My biggest win since my brand shoot is launching my Elite program and selling out the spots!" 

Online Coach

"I more than doubled my income since my first brand shoot with Abby!"


"I felt fully prepared for our brand photoshoot. The entire process from start to finish felt so easy!"

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visual content toolkit

All the VCT modules and exclusive resources, downloads, and tools
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Module 1: vision

In the first module, you’ll learn how to let go of the insecurities, doubts, and fears you have around showing up as the face of your business and telling your story. Translation: you’ll learn how to become confident on camera and in your communication with your audience.

Next, I’ll teach you my special formula for figuring out exactly what photos you need to market your products and services. We’re talking what images will work best on your website, most-used platforms, marketing materials, and more.

And finally, unlock and reignite your creativity with a mood boarding exercise to make your dream brand a reality.

module 2: plan

In this module, I’ll teach you how to seamlessly incorporate every element of your business into your brand photos (think: your goals, brand voice, ideal customers’ desires, and more).

You’ll learn how to translate what you do into story-telling images that engage and convert your audience.  

I’ll also equip you with my go-to tips for hiring the best team members to execute your shoot and avoid overwhelm.

Finally, you’ll learn how to style your brand photos so that they are always on-brand, versatile, dependable, and most importantly, resonate with your audience. 

module 3: action

In Module 3, I’ll teach you my step-by-step process for preparing for a brand shoot without the stress and panic.

Then, you’ll design and implement a marketing plan that will supercharge your success. Learn creative ways to use your new brand photos and how to tie them into your overall marketing strategy.  

By the end of Module 3, you will understand how to create fresh, consistent content for your brand with your A-Team and on your own. You’ll get my behind-the-scenes tips for how to take better photos, and a strategy for mapping out exactly what to post about on what platforms. 

Tools & Resources


to help you style your shoot to perfection.


with 25+ flattering poses to try (my MOST-REQUESTED resource!).


The exact doc I use to plan my clients' brand shoots.

Fill-in-the-blank brand guide

to help you make decisions and ensure everything is cohesive along the way.

image checklist

to make sure you have every piece of content you need to sell your offers and reach your goals and don’t miss a thing.

mood-boarding exercise

that will help you bring your vision to life and reignite your creativity.

shot ideas worksheet

to translate your brand stories into shot ideas.

team members guide & research tracker

How to choose the ones YOU need to hire based on your values and budget.

spotify playlist

to play on shoot day and to get you PUMPED UP and feeling incredible in front of the camera.


to help you forecast and plan your expenses.

shoot prep checklist

so you don’t forget anything and show up feeling ready to rock your shoot.

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You’re ready to create a more profitable and impactful business with the help of Visual Content Toolkit if:

- You just started a business (or are starting one) and feel lost when it comes to creating visual content.
- You know you need it, but you’re not sure how to do it right. It seems like everyone else is on top of their branding game, and you don’t want to spend years trying to figure it out yourself.
- You’ve been in business awhile, but your brand and marketing strategy feel stagnant. Some things have worked, and some haven’t. You’re ready to finally settle into a system that works for you, and that lets you spend less time thinking about marketing, and more time reaping rewards.
- You’re pivoting into a new arena in your business or launching a brand new offer, and you know the world needs what you’re selling- exciting! But, you need images to create and announce your new offer AND sell it like hotcakes.  

VCT was created for any entrepreneur that is ready to kickstart, transform, and up-level their brand and marketing strategy. As a business owner (whether you’re a service provider, content creator, e-commerce queen, or anything in between), you need brand photos that elevate you and what you do, not hold you back.  

Simply put, if you’re a solopreneur or work with a small team, have honed any type of professional skillset, and feel overwhelmed when it comes to creating an effective visual brand, Visual Content Toolkit is for you.

In VCT, I teach you how your logo, color scheme, typography, and other graphics inform the creation of your brand photos. While it’s not an absolute must, I highly recommend you have these assets before you start VCT or before you get to Module 2 of the course. A super helpful resource I provide is a brand identity guide that you can fill out before digging into shoot planning. This visual guide will help you make decisions as you plan and strategize your brand photos.

Visual Content Toolkit helps you find the sweet spot where you can stick to your budget, but you don’t have to DIY everything. I teach you how to find the best photographer for you, and how to talk in photographers’ language so you ensure your vision comes to life, and that you get every shot you need to market your offers. I’m also including bonus tips that will help you create better content (even on your iPhone!) when you need to take your own shots in-between photoshoots.

As soon as you join Visual Content Toolkit, you can access the entire course and all of its resources inside your course dashboard. You can log in any time and take the course at your own pace.

You’ll get access to the entire course, including all of the modules, downloadable resources, tools, and templates for one payment of $297, or 4 payments of $82. 

To cater to every type of learning style, each lesson includes a video, audio download, and a transcript. The resources are a mix of PDFs, Google sheets, and Canva templates.

You’re NOT alone! All of my clients express their hatred of being photographed. And I get it- it’s nerve-wracking to step into the spotlight. But don’t worry- I’ve included an entire lesson on how to let go of insecurities, doubts, and fears when it comes to creating and up-leveling your visual brand. PLUS: a PDF guide with 25+ of my favorite poses for you to try, so you’ll never have that deer-in-headlights feeling in front of the camera again.

As an entrepreneur myself, I know it feels like you can’t spare a minute of your day. So I broke up each module into 3 video lessons that are 10-15 minutes each. If you’re the type that likes to soak in information and go back to implement later, you could zip through the entire course before lunch if you wanted to!

To implement what you’ve learned in each module, I recommend spending about an hour on each lesson to complete and review the provided workbook pages, resources, and tools. I jam-packed this course with valuable info but made it super efficient and succinct so you can learn, implement, and get on with your life.

I know. You’ve just gotten started and you feel like no one’s even noticing you, so you probably don’t need fancy brand photos…right? In fact, you do.  Setting yourself up with strategic brand photos from the outset of your business will slingshot you into success.

If you learn and understand the principles I teach in Visual Content Toolkit, imagine how much easier securing (and impressing) your first customers will be. Did I mention you’ll also get an entire toolkit of templates and resources that will ensure you never question what content you should be creating ever again!?

If all of that isn’t worth an investment of $297, I don’t know what is. As we say: plan for the type of business you want to become, not the one you currently are.

As a fellow entrepreneur, I understand more than anyone that every dollar invested in your business is an important one. Email us at and we'll answer your questions and help you decide if the course is right for you.