Plan Your Brand Shoot VIP Day

Need help strategizing and planning your brand shoot and marketing plan? In just one day, I'll plan your entire brand shoot from top to bottom. We'll meet at the beginning of the day on a video call to talk about your business, brainstorm ideas, and set your goals for the shoot. I'll spend the rest of the day planning everything while you go on about doing what you do best.

In addition to a prep questionnaire and our communication during the VIP Day, you'll walk away with a completely customized shoot planning guide, which includes:

  • Custom shot list
  • Mood/inspiration board
  • Summary of your brand's goals
  • Wardrobe suggestions
  • Props guide
  • Location suggestions 
  • Shoot schedule
  • Team member recommendations
  • Bonus: 30 days of Voxer support leading up to your shoot 

Plan Your Brand Shoot VIP Day



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Your Shoot Planner

I wasn’t always just a brand photographer. I shot weddings, couples, families, and corporate events, too. Unsurprisingly, I burnt out trying to be the photographer for everyone. Then, I asked myself who I really wanted to serve and the answer was easy: women entrepreneurs who were blazing their own paths. So, I decided to double down on my love (nay, obsession?) of organizing and strategizing, and combine them with my strengths behind the camera. I developed the tools, strategies, and processes for getting my clients unique and impactful brand photography.

When I’m not transforming brands, you can find me and my smarty-pants engineer husband updating our 1960’s ranch, or lounging on Sullivan’s Island beach.

Abby Murphy Stewart